L-Carnitine fumarate


Product Name: CAS 90471-79-7 High quality L-Carnitine Fumarate

CAS No.: 90471-79-7

Appearance:White crystalline powder


L-Carnitine 58.5%±1.0%;

Fumaric acid 41.5%±1.0%

Water Content: ≤1.0%

Packing size: 25kg/drum

Shelf life: 2 years 


L-carnitine calcium fumarate is a new compound of L-Carnitine as nutritional additive, which is stable and less-hygroscopic.It has the nutritional functions of both L-Carnitine and calcium to the body. It is often used in human and animal nutrition products.

L-carnitine calcium fumarate is a white solid powder, very stable, less-hygroscopic and has good free flowability; it is easy for storage and transportation, as well as producing of solid products; Without the odor of L-carnitine, well acceptance of users. 
Water-soluble; easier absorbed by the body. 
Higher content level of calcium, and more suitable for the body to absorb calcium.


Burns Fat

L-carnitine facilitates the oxidation of glucose, which may allow the body to use it more effectively. The University of Maryland Medical Center maintains that very little evidence exists to show that L-carnitine assists with weight loss, yet some studies indicate L-carnitine supplements may decrease fat mass, reduce fatigue and increase muscle mass, thus promoting decreased weight. The Linus Pauling Institute explains that although in theory L-carnitine supplementation should increase athletic performance, studies to date have failed to verify that conclusion.

Cardiovascular Health

The University of Maryland Medical Center cites several studies that show L-carnitine may be effective, in conjunction with conventional treatment, in reducing and stabilizing angina attacks. Taking L-carnitine after a heart attack may also reduce the risk of future attacks, although further study is required. L-carnitine appears promising in assisting individuals with heart failure by reducing symptoms and increasing the ability to exercise. If taking L-carnitine in relation to a cardiovascular issue, or any health concern, a doctor's supervision is recommended.

Mental Health

Some clinical trials mentioned by the Linus Pauling Institute suggest that cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer's disease may be slowed by L-carnitine. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that supplementation with L-carnitine may help relieve the depression that accompanies dementia and senility and may decrease fatique. It may also improve memory as you age. The website adds that study results are still inconclusive, however.


Cardiovascular Support: A randomized double-blindplacebo-controlled trial involving 101 volunteers indicated that l-carnitine maintained healthy lipid peroxide andlactate dehydrogenase cardiac enzyme activity. l-Carnitine may also support ventricular functionand superoxide dismutase enzyme activity. Long-term l-carnitine supplementation has demonstrated positive

support for cardiovascular health after a 3-yearfollow-up in adult subjects. In a recent six-month,

randomized, double-blind placebo-co trolled trial,l-carnitine supplementation supported healthy lipid metabolism in volunteers. Center, carnitine and fumarate provided synergistic cardioprotective support

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L-carnitine fumarate specification: 

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay(%)99% by HPLC
Specific rotation(°)-16.5~-18,5
Water content (%)Max 1.0
Residue on Ignition (%)Max 0.5
L-Carnitine (%)58.5±1.0
Fumaric Acid (%)41.5±1.0
Heavy MetalsMax 10ppm
AsMax 2ppm